Tarja y Valery Kipelov cantan “Estoy aqui”.

Como informamos y confirmamos ayer en la entrevista Music.Km.ru, el rumor de que el cantante Valery Kipelov y Tarja Turunen cantarán un esperado dueto próximamente en el Festival Rock in Volga en Samara (Rusia), dicho festival se celebrará el 12 de Junio y contará con esta peculiar aparición, la canción que cantarán a dueto sera el recordado éxito de la banda Kipelov “Estoy Aquí” (Я здесь) la cual pueden escuchar a continuación y ver el video de la banda.

Falta resaltar que veremos a nuestra querida Tarja cantar en Ruso.


So endless is the sea’s surface,
As is my loneliness.
I can’t escape myself here,
And can’t hide in the sweet dreams.

This life
Has no new shores,
And the wind is tearing the remains of sails…

I touched your dreams,
And the moment wasn’t too sweet.
Like sand, between my fingers slides
The world that was open only for two of us.

We walked towards each other,
Faster and faster,
And walked through, not recognizing one another…

I’m here, where light and peace freezes
I’m here again, I hear your name
From the eternity, a forgotten voice flies
To fall from the night skies as the cold fire.

I thought that time would erase your trace
And didn’t catch your sight in the crowd
I sought the answer in others’ hands,
And didn’t search for the way back.

Forgetting everything,
I started my life anew,
But I saw how empty was the sea’s surface…



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